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Trough this website you can order new and used parts for LCD, LED and Plasma TV's which are disassembled due to defective screens.
All used parts are tested and come with one month warranty! Parts labeled BRAND NEW!! come with a 3 month warranty. If a component unfortunately is faulty then you can return it in the same package and you will recieve back the paid sum or a replacement part.
Returns will only be accepted after consultation. The shipping costs for returning defect parts are for the buyer. Parts from where my marks are removed can not be returned. ( See Terms and Conditions )

With all parts the VAT is already settled.  Companies outside the Netherlands and within the EU can fill in a VAT number to shift the tax. There are no extra costs accept the shipping costs..

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New in our online shop

  • USED!!

    47PFK7509/12 / PHILIPS
    47PFK7509/12 / PHILIPS

    Complete set of boards consisting of :

    Main board 996590020321 / 703EXE0A02B01T / 905TXESCV6800100ST

    Time -controller 6870C-0482B / 6871L-3543A

    Power supply 996590009948 / PLTVDQ576GAP3

    Used in PHILIPS 47PFK7509/12…

    € 140,00
  • USED!!

    32PFK4309/12 / PHILIPS
    32PFK4309/12 / PHILIPS

    Complete set of boards consisting of :

    Main board 996590021237 / 704QEPL013 / 703TXES61200100SX

    Time -controller T320HVN05.2 / TT5532T42C03

    Power supply 996590021229 / PLTVDL264XAT5

    Used in PHILIPS 32PFK4309/12…

    € 110,00
  • USED!!




    UE40F5000AW XXN


    € 50,00
  • USED!!





    € 65,00


    EBR79594638 / EXA66453203




    € 65,00


    EBR77562847 / EAX65361506




    € 65,00
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